Parkbühne Wuhlheide

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Germany's second-largest open-air stage is idyllically situated in the heart of the Wuhlheide. The listed amphitheater stage is well known far beyond Berlin and annually offers outstanding concert events with national and international stars. In 2008, the stage was awarded the "Live Entertainment Award" as "Location of the Year".

On the occasion of the  "3. World Festival of Youth" the stage was built in the summer of 1951. It was built on rubble debris walls on which terraced oval rows of seats for around 20,000 visitors were created. Large staircases led from the outside to the upper ring of the wall and to the seats. In the following years a variety of cultural and political events took place there.

In the years 1996/1997 the venue was completely renovated and modernized. The stage area with a playing area of ​​22.5 x 16 m was given a permanent tent roof on a steel construction, where up to 16 tonnes of additional load for light and sound can be hung.

All functional and ancillary rooms as well as the infrastructure were completely rebuilt. Now the stage has up to 17,000 spectator seats. The reopening as "Parkbühne Wuhlheide" took place in June 1996 with a concert of the Brandenburg Philharmonic Orchestra Potsdam. At the beginning of 2003, the open-air stage was renamed "Kindl-Bühne Wuhlheide". Since 2018 it is called again Parkbühne Wuhlheide.

The concert program of the Parkbühne Wuhlheide has long been one of the highlights in Berlin's cultural spectrum. From the band Ärzte and Seeed to Robbie Williams and Bruce Springsteen, from opera to hard-rock, from free family concerts to big television recordings, breathtaking open-air concerts are held here several times a year.

The current program can be found on the webpage of Parkbühne Wuhlheide www.wuhlheide.de.



ProWuhlheide e.V.
The association was founded in 2007. Members are institutions, associations and users of the park. Among other things, the goals are to constantly improve the appearance of the Wuhlheide, to make its offers recognizable and to qualitatively strengthen the service for the visitors.


ProWuhlheide e.V.
Straße zum FEZ 2
12459 Berlin
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